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Observe quietly and lead by example

Pagistaanista osui silmiini persoonallisuustesti, joka vaikutti erilaiselta ja kiinnostavalta.

Your answers suggest you are a PEACEMAKER
The four aspects that make up this personality type are:
Spontaneous - Facts - Hearts - Introvert

Summary of Peacemakers
  • Value personal freedom
  • Particularly sensitive to the feelings of others
  • Think of themselves as steady, gentle and sympathetic
  • Others may mistake their quiet nature for weakness

  • More about Peacemakers
    Peacemakers focus on the present and enjoy helping others in practical ways. They are sensitive to the world around them and take quiet joy from people and nature, particularly animals. Peacemakers value close relationships, but it may take time for others to get to know them.

    Peacemakers are the most likely group to say they dislike reading history books, according to a UK survey.

    Peacemakers live by a set of personal values, which they work hard to reflect in their everyday life. They would rather support an activity than organise it. When they do find themselves in leadership positions, they observe quietly and lead by example.

    In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Peacemakers may withdraw and become self-critical. Under extreme stress, Peacemakers may become even more critical of themselves and others and make harsh judgements about minor issues.

    Peacemakers tend to show someone how much they care about them by helping them in a practical way rather than putting their feelings into words.

    Peacemaker Careers
    Peacemakers are often drawn to jobs that allow them to serve others and require close attention to detail.

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